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How To Make A Website SEO-Friendly

shutterstock_175894841Like any good business owner, you want your website to be a truly effective marketing tool, and to do that, you need to embrace search engine optimization, better known as SEO. Your website isn’t a static tool that just sits there. It’s a dynamic, comprehensive tool for reaching likely clients in need of the types of plastic surgery you offer. Here are a few pointers on how to make your website SEO-friendly.

Browser Compatibility

Web browsers constantly change, and people constantly change their favorites. Years ago, Netscape and Internet Explorer dominated Web browsers. Now, Google, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and many other Web browsers commonly are used, and they undergo constant changes. That means you need to ensure your website will work perfectly with all of them, in order to ensure your SEO results will be the best they possibly can.

Mobile Compatibility

Consumers no longer rely upon desktop and laptop computers to browse the World Wide Web. Now, more people than ever are using mobile devices, like tablets, iPads, cellphones, and other digital devices, to access the Internet, and that trend will continue. That means you need to ensure your website is compatible with mobile technology and browsers, as well as more traditional computers and Web browsers, to get the best SEO results.

Content Building

Your website is useless without good, relevant content that clearly expresses what you and your practice are about. You also need to provide good, consistent, and useful content on a regular basis that search engines like Google and Bing will analyze and use to determine the most appropriate search results in which to include your website. The better Google, Bing, and other search engines rate your content, the higher your website will place on search engine results, and that greatly improves your SEO efforts.

Keyword Placement

Your content will need to be specific to the various types of medical services you provide and want to promote the most. If you specialize in a particular area of plastic surgery, you’ll want to provide relevant content about it, and promote it online via search engines and other marketing tools, so that more people can find you. Your website content needs to be focused on various keywords, against which search engines will assess your content and determine whether or not it should rank high on particular keyword searches. Using sound SEO practices will help to ensure your keywords are relevant to your content and your business, and make it easier to promote your practice online.

Unique Experience

A critical element of SEO is providing a unique user experience. That means your website has to be unique, provide content that isn’t available elsewhere, and features plug-ins, graphics, videos, and other content that makes it lively, educational, and provides users with a unique experience. Google in particular demands a unique experience from each website, and when you can do that, your SEO efforts will produce greater results for less money and help to make your practice grow.