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Computers and Cosmetic Surgery: How You and Your Patients Can Benefit from Blogging

shutterstock_126212801The amount of people using the internet grows larger every day, and with that growth comes an opportunity and a challenge for people in all professions to do a better job at broadcasting information. Medical professionals in all fields from ER doctors to general practitioners, dentists to plastic surgeons, have taken to the web to not only find new patients, but to add accurate information to the depth of knowledge available and to gain a wider sphere of influence. No matter if you’re discussing new corrective surgery methods or plastic surgery marketing, your contributions will have an impact. There are several very compelling reasons why a medical blog can work wonders for your practice.

You may know more about your field than the average plastic surgeon, but unless you take the time to write what you know, give professional opinions, and just generally inform people about the practice then there is no way for others to realize your expertise. When you sit down and type out the things you’ve seen and learned, you are making a name for yourself. Blogs also help to keep you accountable for the information you are distributing. In order to make sure you are giving out only the best information, you will probably have to do some research of your own, which in turn will expand your expertise on the subject.

Most of the people coming into your office already have an idea of what is wrong with them and what can be done. This isn’t because they had another surgical consult, but because they performed a quick online search and read about the possibilities. If you want your patients to have a better understanding of the options and methods you use, it’s better for you to create a place for them to read about them rather than assuming there is accurate information on the internet already. While there are countless websites offering insight about different cosmetic surgery issues, adding your own webpages to the mix can reassure you that there is the correct information available somewhere online. You can refer your patients to read the blog and they will have a trusted source to learn from. The worst thing that can happen is multiple websites giving the same facts out, a situation that actually proves useful when people want a second opinion from another professional.

Right along with educating your existing patients is the benefit of attracting new patients for your practice. The first thing many people do when looking for a medical office of any kind is to search online for a practice in their area. If someone were to type a search queue such as “Plastic Surgery in (Location)”, you will be higher in the search engine results if you are an active writer on a blog connected to your name and practice. When you’re actively making yourself easier to find, the resulting increase in new patients should not come as a surprise. Your blog is a great place to start a plastic surgery marketing campaign to list the cosmetic benefits of an operation or to promote a certain corrective procedure you provide.

At the moment your reputation may be limited to those who visit or have visited your practice, but with a well-maintained blog you can expand your reach and make a name for yourself in your community or field of practice. This is especially true if you write about new topics and controversial discussions. Giving your professional opinion helps to establish your place in a vast pool of other active plastic surgeons. Help people to not only know who you are, but to know that you’re good at what you do.

Blogging is a valuable resource to add to your plastic surgery marketing scheme. You’ll be able to get your name out to the world, establish your place as a professional in the field, ensure there is accurate and informative content about various conditions, and draw people into your office for services. With all the benefits you could gain, now might be the time to consider launching your own cosmetic medicine blog.