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3 Do’s and Don’ts For Improving Your Website

shutterstock_276008516Building a website for your practice is important. It is the main method of outreach potential clients use when searching for the best plastic surgeons in the area (outside of direct recommendations). To connect with these patients, your website needs to incorporate these basic three do’s and don’ts to boost your website design.





3 Dont’s:

Don’t Make it Difficult to Use

A website needs to be easy to navigate. While you can provide comprehensive information, infographs, visuals and other necessary content, the website itself should always be easy to use. A visitor needs to understand the basic lay of the lands as soon as they arrive on your site. Provide a visible call to action button, have each link easily identifiable and don’t overcrowd pages as this just makes it hard to see what to read or where to go.

Don’t Overuse

When selecting a color palette, keep it consistent. While typing text for the website, keep it consistent. Website design should have consistency. Using a dozen colors or fonts just becomes distracting.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

SEO is very important. However, you can hinder your results by keyword stuffing. Everything needs to read and flow naturally. If it is apparent you’re forcing keywords, search engines will penalize your results.

3 Do’s

Content is King

The content you place on your website must have purpose. If the information doesn’t add to anything, don’t include it. You want to make sure potential clients understand exactly what you do and what you offer in as little verbiage as possible. Don’t explain in a paragraph what it takes in a sentence. If you want to go into further details about a particular aspect of the procedure you can create a specific FAQ section. The attention span of Internet users is very short. Maintain their interest with direct, to the point, information.

Color Choice is Crucial

The color palette you select is very important, especially in the medical field. The colors you select have a deeper, mental impact, beyond just grabbing attention and looking nice. As a surgeon, you likely don’t want anything too bold, such as bright reds or yellows or oranges. These are often seen as “aggressive” colors. You want the potential patients to feel calm and at piece with you. Even if the surgery you offer is designed for cosmetic purposes, patients are still nervous when it comes to going under the knife. A soothing color palette, such as light grays, blues, greens or something of this variety, is more something you should consider.

Optimize for Speed

Website speed is crucial for several different reasons. First, search engines such as Google consider load time when creating rankings. If your website runs slowly and loads slowly it will likely affect its ranking. Secondly, if a visitor arrives at your website but load time drags, they will likely back out and just visit another plastic surgeon’s website in the area. Optimize your website for speed. Otherwise, the other website design elements really don’t matter.